A map to Horizon 2020

Please find attached the new “wegwijzer voor Horizon 2020”, a map to guide you through the topics and upcoming calls in the new European subsidy programme for research and innovation, H2020. Although only draft work programmes have been made available, the first calls will be published in December 2013.

This extract gives an indication of the possibilities for ID related research in the H2020 programme. Especially the 3rd "pillar" (societal challenges), offers ample opportunities for ID topics.

I am gladly available for more information and support. If you are interested in the full (draft) work programmes, please contact me. They are available for TU/e staff at the ASC, adviescentrum voor Subsidies en Contracten, via Gerard Verschuren.

If you are already working on a proposal, or involved in any other way in a H2020 initiative, would you please let me know.

Attached you will find the “wegwijzer” itself.
This link gives access to available (draft) work programmes.

Kind regards, Karen Luijten


H2020 in short, ID related opportunities

I. Excellent Science

The first pillar, Excellent Science, consists of (1) the ERC grants, (2) the Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions, (3) FET, and (4) Research infrastructures.

1. ERC stimulates excellent scientists to explore and redefine the frontiers of their research area. There are 4 different ERC grants: starting, consolidator, advanced, and proof-of-concept; the first closing date is for the starting grant, March 2014.
2. The Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions support researchers in building their international research career. The calls for 2014 are not yet defined.
3. FET (Future and Emerging Technologies) is meant for cooperative research projects that push scientific barriers and thus lay a fundament for future technologies. The programme is open for continuous applications.
4. Research Infrastructures call 1 and 2 could be interesting for further developing EDL (Experiential Design Landscapes) based research; call dates are not yet defined.


II. Industrial Leadership

In the 2nd pillar, Industrial Leadership, there are 2 programmes that could be interesting for ID related research: (1) ICT and (2) nanotechnologies.

1. In the ICT programme most interesting topics are on call in 2015. Exception is topic ICT 21 (advanced digital gaming/gamification technologies) with a closure date of April 2014.
2. In programme 2 (nanotechnologies, advanced materials, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing and processing) topic 18 is interesting. It calls for "materials solutions for use in the creative industry sector". The sustainability aspect is important, as well as proof-of-concept. The potential for upscaling must be demonstrated, and a business model should be addressed. The difficulty with this specific topic is that additional, complementary or follow-up funding (private or public) must be actively searched for. Projects can be between 4 and 8 m€.


III. Societal Challenges

The 3rd pillar is the most attractive one; it is calling for solutions to tackle the current European Societal Challenges.
There is a programme for (1) health, demographic change and wellbeing, and also for (2) inclusive, innovative and reflective societies.

1. Health, demographic change and wellbeing:
Topic 3: health promotion and disease prevention. Focus is on improved intersector cooperation for environment and health-based interventions, with a call in 2015.
Topic 18 and 20: advancing active and healthy ageing, with a call as well in 2014 as in 2015.

2. Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies:
call 2: reflective societies: cultural heritage, with a call in 2014.
call 3: inclusive and sustainable Europe for the young generation, call in 2015.
call 5: reflective societies: European values and identities (call 2015).
call 9: new forms of innovation, e.g. subtopic 3: empowering citizens to manage and monitor their personal data (call 2015).
call 10: digital empowerment of citizens, with calls in 2015, except subtopic 3 (with a call in 2014) that addresses ICT for a more creative and innovative society.